Aerion’s AS2 supersonic business jet is poised to revolutionize global mobility with first flight scheduled for 2023 and certification in 2025. The AS2 is as much as 60 percent faster than today’s fastest business aircraft and airliners. Supersonic cruise speed is Mach 1.4, about 1,000 mph. It saves as much as three hours across the Atlantic and more than five hours across the Pacific.

In October, 2018, Aerion and GE Aviation announced the completion of the initial design of the first supersonic engine purpose-built for business jets—GE’s AffinityTM. Affinity, is optimized with proven GE technology for supersonic flight and timed to meet the Aerion AS2 launch. Aerion is also collaborating with Honeywell Aerospace to bring a revolutionary new cockpit to the AS2.

In December of 2017, Aerion and Lockheed Martin announced that they were joining forces to develop the AS2. Aerion’s engineering team is working in close collaboration with Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Program organization, better known as its famed Skunk Works advanced design, to bring BOOMLESS CRUISE™ to the aviation industry.

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