The Aerion Difference

A New Shape in the Sky

Sleek Speedster

The AS2 is different than any airplane that has come before, principally in terms of aerodynamics and sheer performance. Its outline is the new shape of practical and efficient supersonic flight. A supersonic natural laminar flow wing and other drag-reducing features set it apart. 

Supersonic natural laminar flow (SNLF) is a truly disruptive technology. Just as speeds doubled in the leap from piston transports to the jet age of the 1960s, so they will accelerate once again with the advent of supersonic speed. 

In traditional subsonic airplanes, wingspan and fuselage length are roughly equal. The AS2 is characterized by relatively short, thin wings and a long fuselage, much like some supersonic fighters, and for similar reasons. The Aerion wing vastly reduces friction drag and the Aerion fuselage minimizes wave drag.

For all its outwardly different looks, it is in other respects conventional, using the very best of modern structural materials and assembly technologies, as well as advanced systems for propulsion, flight control, environmental control, and more.