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Aerion and Boeing: A Powerful Team

In February 2019, Aerion announced a partnership with Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company. The two organizations share a common vision of a sustainable, environmentally responsible supersonic future. Together they are developing the AS2 as the first step to unlocking supersonic air travel for new markets. Boeing and Aerion engineers are working together on the AS2 design, with Boeing providing financial, engineering, manufacturing, and flight-test resources to Aerion. “Together with Boeing, we’re creating a faster, more connected future with tremendous possibilities for enhancing humanity’s productivity and potential,” according to Aerion Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Vice.

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AffinityTM — The first civil supersonic engine in 55 years

Aerion and GE unveiled the AS2’s AffinityTM supersonic engine in 2018, a new turbofan optimized with proven GE technology for supersonic flight. The Affinity is a new class of medium-bypass-ratio engines. It provides exceptional and balanced performance across subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds.

GE’s Affinity is a twin-shaft, twin-fan powerplant controlled by a next-generation full authority digital engine control (FADEC) for enhanced dispatch reliability and onboard diagnostics. It is designed to enable efficient supersonic flight over water and efficient subsonic flight over land without requiring modifications to existing regulations. The engine is designed to meet stringent Stage 5 subsonic noise requirements and beat current emissions standards.

Spirit Aerosystems

A Global Leader in Aerostructures

Aerion and Spirit AeroSystems announced in February 2019 an agreement for the preliminary design of the AS2’s forward, pressurized fuselage. Spirit AeroSystems is a recognized industry leader in advanced composite manufacturing. Spirit offers proven knowledge and experience to adapt composite materials for use in fuselages, nacelles, and wing structures. It builds major composite structures for the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787.

Spirit Aerosystems

Pioneering the flight deck of the future

Aerion and Honeywell plan to revolutionize the flight deck, with an advanced version of Honeywell’s Primus Epic avionics system. Honeywell Primus Epic avionics are currently standard equipment on leading business and regional jet platforms, and in service on nearly 5,000 aircraft in 20 different models. Primus Epic has accrued 30 million-plus flight hours. In addition, Honeywell mission processors, displays, sensors, radio altimeters, radar, and flight control systems have been enabling thousands of supersonic military jets for decades.