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More than meets the eye.

Aerion’s most valuable assets are its people, and those people are full of interesting surprises. We aren’t “just” good at our jobs, we’re good at all sorts of crazy things. Some of us have been (or still are) professional mountain bikers, film directors, race car drivers, auto mechanics, ultra-runners, fighter pilots, and phenomenal chefs. As if excellence at work and in our hobbies wasn’t enough – Aerion is full to the brim of loving parents, devoted spouses, and loyal friends.

So as you browse our team and get to know our professional accomplishments, don’t forget that behind every portrait is a person that is passionate about something unique. Behind every name is someone who gives their all to their work each day, but still goes home to pursue their own interests and spend time with family. Perhaps most importantly, behind every smile is a human being who wants to do what they love, live life to the fullest, and share it with others.

Aerion Leadership

Team-0Read Bio
Tom Vice

Chairman, President,
and Chief Executive Officer
Team-1Read Bio
DR. Richard Tracy

CTO and EVP Technology & Advanced Programs
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Team-3Read Bio
Matt Cram

Chief Commercial Officer
and EVP Sales & Marketing
Team-4Read Bio
Kristi Finney

Chief of Staff
Team-5Read Bio
Bissell Smith

Chief Information Officer and
EVP Enterprise Systems
Team-6Read Bio
Doug Coleman

General Counsel and EVP
Governance & Compliance
Team-7Read Bio
Alex Egeler

EVP software
and design platforms
Team-8Read Bio
Lisa Holden

Chief human resources officer and
EVP culture & talent
Team-9Read Bio
Steve Berroth

Chief operating officer
and EVP aircraft development
Team-10Read Bio
Gene Holloway

Chief Sustainability Officer
and EVP Environment & Sustainability
Team-11Read Bio
Stew Miller

EVP Strategic Systems

Aerion Board of Directors

Team-0Read Bio
Tom Vice

Chairman, President,
and Chief Executive Officer
Team-1Read Bio
Bryan Barett

Keystone Group
Team-2Read Bio
Ken Shaw

VP Supply Chain
Team-3Read Bio
Mike Sinnett

VP Product Strategy &
Future airplane dev
Team-4Read Bio
Paul Adams

Former President

Aerion Team

Team-0Read Bio
Tony Duenas
Team-1Read Bio
Malik Fahad
Team-2Read Bio
Tara Jacobs
Team-3Read Bio
Mike Lucas
Team-4Read Bio
Bruno Fletcher
Team-5Read Bio
David DeMeulder
Team-6Read Bio
Humberto Guimaraes
Team-7Read Bio
Larry Dowler
Team-8Read Bio
Max Warden
Team-9Read Bio
Martyn Clark
Team-10Read Bio
Katarina Morowsky
Team-11Read Bio
Marc Vallone
Team-12Read Bio
Adrian Bucovsky
Team-13Read Bio
Cornelia Malaiu
Team-14Read Bio
Ben Prest
Team-15Read Bio
Andres Garzon
Team-16Read Bio
Rachael Kubly Ormond
Team-17Read Bio
Bruce Murphy
Team-18Read Bio
Yiwen Schiefer
Team-19Read Bio
Michelle Suen
Team-20Read Bio
Neal Vanecek
Team-21Read Bio
Bharath Mukundakrishnan
Team-22Read Bio
Cathy Rice
Team-23Read Bio
Kenny Hu
Team-24Read Bio
Matt McMullen
Team-25Read Bio
Tony Vasquez
Team-26Read Bio
Vince Worbington
Team-27Read Bio
Frank Abella
Team-28Read Bio
Veronique Pedron
Team-29Read Bio
Ray Dantuono
Team-30Read Bio
Hal Martin
Team-31Read Bio
Anshul Lodha
Team-32Read Bio
Sarah Glendon
Team-33Read Bio
Keith Davis
Team-34Read Bio
David Ambrose
Team-35Read Bio
Andrew Hellen
Team-36Read Bio
Mike Kerho
Team-37Read Bio
Jacob Cooper
Team-38Read Bio
Rakesh Ghala
Team-39Read Bio
Jenniffer Troche
Team-40Read Bio
Andrew Terry
Team-41Read Bio
Alex Morando
Team-42Read Bio
Michael Williamson
Team-43Read Bio
Derek Osborne
Team-44Read Bio
Julien Pedron
Team-45Read Bio
Alex Haas
Team-46Read Bio
Mark White
Team-47Read Bio
Craig Poulson
Team-48Read Bio
Masa Hirvonen
Team-49Read Bio
Nischint Rajmohan
Team-50Read Bio
Spencer Fugal
Team-51Read Bio
Randy Griffith
Team-52Read Bio
Drew Wolak
Team-53Read Bio
Rob Baxter
Team-54Read Bio
Mike Hinderberger
Team-55Read Bio
Matt Roberts
Team-56Read Bio
Reed Parkhurst
Team-57Read Bio
Sam Dundee
Team-58Read Bio
Scott Kalister
Team-59Read Bio
Peter Sturdza
Team-60Read Bio
Stimit Shah
Team-61Read Bio
Tim Fagan
Team-62Read Bio
Tim Buker
Team-63Read Bio
Stephen Ryle
Team-64Read Bio
Scott Johnson
Team-65Read Bio
Richard Harrison
Team-66Read Bio
Ramona Yonker
Team-67Read Bio
Phil Tyree
Team-68Read Bio
Phil Chiu
Team-69Read Bio
Peter Rawlinson
Team-70Read Bio
Peter Lyver
Team-71Read Bio
Petar Glamoclija
Team-72Read Bio
Pedro Carleial
Team-73Read Bio
Paul Smith
Team-74Read Bio
Noah Beaty
Team-75Read Bio
Nick Chan
Team-76Read Bio
Neil Harding Jones
Team-77Read Bio
Mark Twibell
Team-78Read Bio
Marco Fonseca
Team-79Read Bio
Marcelo Prieto
Team-80Read Bio
Marcelo Nogoseke
Team-81Read Bio
Kelsey Donohoe
Team-82Read Bio
Kelsey Ausherman
Team-83Read Bio
Jones Muller
Team-84Read Bio
Jeremy Wills
Team-85Read Bio
Glauco Lago Borsato
Team-86Read Bio
Georgia Dellwo
Team-87Read Bio
Frank Rivers
Team-88Read Bio
Fernanda Paiva
Team-89Read Bio
Elizabeth Dinette
Team-90Read Bio
Ed Barnes
Team-91Read Bio
Dick Johnson
Team-92Read Bio
Charles Schnake
Team-93Read Bio
Cesar Chiofetti
Team-94Read Bio
Boyd Dellwo
Team-95Read Bio
Ali Razaghzadeh
Team-96Read Bio
Alessandra D'ambrosia Furman
Team-97Read Bio
Troy Langley
Aerion careers

Aerion careers

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